Information about katrin


katrinGroup began working in 2001 under the name of Catherine Business Group by importing and selling bathroom cabinets, sitting toilets, sinks, etc. Later by the sanctions imposed on Iran, the management decided to produce bathroom cabinets in Iran and with the aim of becoming the largest producer of such cabinets in the country, we launched the Catherine Manufacturing Industries Group. Equipped with the state-of-the-art production machinery like CNC machines, fully automatic woodcutting machines, vacuum machines and also using different materials such as PVC, wood, vacuum, etc. in an area of above 8000 square meters, Catherine Manufacturing Industries has had a high accuracy in production as a result of which it has been able to have a large depot and speed up customer order processing. With a significant number of sales representatives and exporting its products to countries like Iraq, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan, this group has won an appreciation letter as the best exporter of the country, standard badge and ISO 9001 all of which are thanks to our dear customers' kindness.